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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs sound like an intimidating household pest, but with the right tools and tricks for how to get rid of stink bugs, you can take care of efficient stink bug control in your house. If you’re willing to do a little work, you can eliminate stink bugs in the home and prevent further stink bug infestation. The best way to get rid of bugs is to simply prevent them from getting inside in the first place. In the fall, use silicone caulk to seal around cracks or holes in your home’s exterior, plus around the windows and any vent or ducts so they can’t get inside when it gets cold outside. Replace or repair broken window screens. These bugs are attracted to the warmth inside your home. They’re also attracted to light, so turn off outside lights at night. Remove any foliage growing around the base of the home and touching the home which attracts the stink bugs to the warmth and shelter of the home. There should be at least a 12 to 18-inch gap between any plants and the walls of the house.

The next step in how to get rid of stink bugs is to follow up with insect control by spraying the top part of the house, especially along with any areas you applied the caulk, with the insecticide Cypermethrin spray so it drips down and covers the sides. You can also try diatomaceous earth. There are a few stronger commercial sprays you could also try, such as cyfluthrium, cypermetrhin, deltamethrin, or pyrethrum. If the brown bugs are already inside the home, you’ll need to spray around all gaps and openings on the inside of the house, like around the windows and doors, around light fixtures, around vents, openings in the attic, and any cracks to stop stink bugs from getting in so you can then work on controlling stink bugs that are already inside.

The next way to get rid of bugs is to set light traps and sticky traps. If you vacuum them up, empty the canister or bag outside. Don’t crush the traps or vacuum bag inside the house, because the stink bugs will emit their trademark strong, unpleasant odor if they are disturbed.

If all else fails, the sure way for how to get rid of stink bugs is to call in a professional exterminator. The exterminator will be able to use even stronger insecticides if necessary, like those mentioned above, and he has all the required equipment. He’s also more experienced at getting all the little gaps and all known entrance points all around the perimeter of the home so you can have peace of mind about stink bugs control.

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