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How to Get Rid of Rodents


When trying to get rid of mice, rats or squirrels in and around the home, many will spend hours searching how to get rid of rodents by species. There is no reason to do this as eradication methods are very similar for all types. No matter which type of animal is present, from groundhogs and gophers to chipmunks and mice, you can eliminate them using one method so your focus can switch to control measures to prevent this problem in the future.

When finding how to get rid of rodents, the most common method that is recommended is trapping. Find out where the animal or animals live if at all possible and set up traps in their natural paths. When you choose this method, you don’t have to worry about harming other animals that you like to have in your yard. Once you have trapped the animal, it is best to call animal control to remove the animal from your property. If this is not possible, they can tell you where to take the animal so it can live in a natural habitat away from people.

If traps are not your thing, you may also make use of other methods. Squirrels are a common problem for many home owners. It is best to use prevention methods such as removing all food sources. Gophers, in contrast, will need to be poisoned to remove them from your property if you choose not to use a trap. Strychnine-laced barley is a good choice. Groundhogs require a fumigant gas cartridge. Carbon monoxide or aluminum sulphide is a good choice to rid your yard of these creatures. Chipmunks are best treated with traps while mice and rats can be dealt with in the same manner.

You can learn how to take care of these pesky animals once and for all. Trapping does remain the most effective method of treating these animals, but you may not wish to go this route. If not, in most cases, you do have other options to consider. Once you learn how to get rid of rodents, you can enjoy your outdoor living area again which is likely your goal.

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