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How to Get Rid of Rats


Many people all over the world wonder how to get rid of rats . Rats have become so adapted to so many areas, that they inhabit areas as diverse as rural farmland, to crowded urban areas. Rats can survive in garbage, pet food, and in vegetation. They can also survive in fire wood, gardens, or even in the insulation of houses. Truly they can be quite a menace. Because of their prevalence, they are a nuisance people want to get rid of. They can also be quite aggressive, and can carry dangerous diseases like rabies.

The best way to get rid of rats is to get rid of things that they will be attracted to. This includes garbage cans and dumpsters, which should have securely latching lids to prevent a rat infestation. Rats also are attracted to pet food that is left outside for dogs and cats. They will also eat bird food, so birdhouse should be mounted on poles or with string to make them inaccessible to rats. Compost bins should contain only vegetation, not any meat products (such as fish, chicken skin, or bones).

Of course, rats are often found in homes, where they find a wealth of attractive things to eat. To discourage rat infestations, dirty dishes and other food products should be cleared and put away quickly. Especially in basements, food should be kept in containers that rats can not breach. There are a number of ways that rats get into houses. Rats can access attics and ledges from tress and vegetation that grows close to the house. Occasionally, they have even been known to enter a home through the plumbing, Therefore, toilet lids should be covered unless in use.

One an infestation has started, the best way to get rid of rats is to trap them. This is rather unappealing, but it works much better than poison. Poison that is effective in getting rid of rats often is toxic to humans and pets, and can be dangerous in houses with young children. In terms of how to get rid of rats, this is the worst way to accomplish this.

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