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Find How to Get Rid of Pill Bugs and Reclaim a Home and Garden

Moisture within a home can lead to dangers such as mold, rotted wood, and pill bug infestation. People hit with such an infestation often wonder how to get rid of pill bugs. These creatures roll up into a ball when approached. They are less than an inch in length and anyone who has ever been outside and picked up a brick sitting on damp ground for too long has seen dozens of them relishing the moisture on the bottom of the brick.

Weather changes may be the first time one sees a pill bug within their home. They also make their home within garden areas. If there are rock features, lift rocks and watch bugs go into defense mode as they tighten into a ball. Though the temptation to squash them is great, there may be too many to effectively rid the garden area of an infestation. Learn how to get rid of pill bugs by following a few simple rules.get rid of potato bugs

Get rid of moisture sources – Leaks, rotted wood, and damp rooms like basements are prime locations for pill bugs. Fix leaks, throw away rotted wood, and use a basement dehumidifier to remove the dampness. The fact is, they require moisture, so make the house inhospitable and watch them perish.

Food and water – Watch for anything on the outside of the home considered a food source. They eat rotting wood, damp mulch, and if there are dead animals or plants, this could provide a feast for days. Clear these away, making sure none of this is near any openings of a home. Look around a home for any small areas through which they may enter and close them off. Not only are these openings perfect for entry, but contribute to energy loss, so correcting this may lower utility bills.

Stock up on pest control supplies – Removal of pill bugs may end up requiring an insecticide. Using diatomaceous earth around a garden will kill pill bugs, however, individuals must be careful to never inhale or ingest. Use an organic pesticide if diatomaceous earth is not an option.

Find how to get rid of pill bugs and keep these roly-polys under control and away from home and garden.

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