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Learn how to get rid of Palmetto Bugs and Keep Them out of Your Home

A palmetto bug is simply a nice name for a cockroach, and those who have them want to know how to get rid of palmetto bugs for good. There are quite a few ways that show you how to get rid of palmetto bugs, but the war on these flying cockroaches almost never ends. Following are some tips for getting rid of roaches as well as how to maintain vigilance against them.

One method for how to get rid of roaches naturally is a product called diatomaceous earth (DE). It is made from microscopic diatoms, which act like glass shards on the waxy outer layer of insects. DE absorbs lipids from this layer, dehydrating the bugs literally to death. This is the best natural way to get rid of roaches.

The palmetto cockroach is a crafty creature, constantly seeking ways to get inside. Borax laundry powder makes an effective killer of palmetto bugs. Pour a line of borax along entryways and anywhere else you see evidence of palmetto bugs. The borax sticks to the legs of the pests, which they then ingest while cleaning themselves. The borax is toxic and kills them instantly.

Liquid baits work well for getting rid of palmetto bugs. The liquid satisfies the need of the bug to find water and food in one location. Place the baits where you normally see the cockroaches and remove all other source of food from the area to get the palmetto bugs to go into the liquid bait traps.

Find all open entryways from outside to inside, such as duct work and pipes that go into the home. Seal openings with expanding foam or use fine screen mesh an duct tape. Either way keeps the roaches from getting inside your home.

Keep your home as clean as possible to help get rid of pests. Food that lays around unattended is a feasting paradise for palmetto cockroaches.

It is possible to get rid of roaches for good, but it takes vigilance against them, especially in areas like Florida. Outdoor living conditions are perfect for palmetto cockroaches, but they like coming inside even more for easy living. These tips on how to get rid of palmetto bugs should help you and your family live palmetto bug-free.

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