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How To Get Rid of Old Magazines

get rid of magazinesAs the new year makes its way into our lives, we realize it’s time to get rid of clutter and straighten up our homes and our lives. One way that you can do this is by ridding yourself of stuff you just don’t need anymore. Why take a look around your home and think, “what could I do without?” Odds are that you could take some lessons on how to get rid of old magazines and become more clutter free.

First, take those old magazines and stack and organize them. Put to use a few plastic grocery bags you may have socked away in the closet and sort them by type. Perhaps you have glamour magazines, home improvement, men’s magazines, etc. The first tip on how to get rid of old magazines is to take them to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices or libraries who may have a much better use for them. Other places you can donate your used magazines include schools and daycare centers. The children love to have magazines to cut up and use in art projects.

When you are cleaning out that basement and getting rid of that musty smell in the basement, rid yourself of all those old magazines. But, before you trash them all, take a look at the dates and titles. Did you know that you could be making some money off these old magazines? That’s right, magazines are a big seller to those who like to collect certain titles. Take a look on EBAY and see what the titles are going for before you trash them. It may be worth it to you to list them on an auction site and see what you can get for them.

Used bookstores are also a good place to start with old magazines as some will buy back issues or at least take them off of your hands. Getting rid of musty smells and learning how to be clutter free is often just a matter of taking a few minutes to organize your junk and providing it to others for their own uses. How to get rid of old magazines is just a matter of taking the time to pick them up, put them in bags and give them away to those who can and will use them.

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