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How To Get Rid Of House Drafts

Older homes which have not been upgraded to energy efficient products, may experience increases in cooling or heating bills. Anywhere the weather brings in cold temperatures, it can be especially uncomfortable when there is a cold draft in house. Unexpected chills can lead to searching for warm spaces and blankets. If you need to know how to get rid of house drafts, it can often be a simple solution you can do yourself.

One of the first steps is to make a complete search of your house to find the source of a cold draft in house. Some of the most common areas of concern are doors, winget rid of home draftsdows and chimneys. Actually, chimneys are the most common culprit. To correct a draft in your chimney, you may need to hire a professional if you don’t feel comfortable climbing around on your own. You should ensure the flue is working properly and closes when the fireplace is not in use. You also need to ensure you have a good working chimney cap which should be closing automatically when there is no fire.

Windows are another culprit of drafts – both in cold and hot weather. You may have tiny holes in the caulking which will allow air drafts. You can easily and inexpensively address this issue by re-caulking the seals. You can also use a thick form of saran wrap which is virtually invisible to the eye once installed. It covers from side to side and frame to frame and you seal it by using a hot hair dryer. This will go a long way in correcting a windows draft.

Another common area of drafts is the door ways. Another simple and inexpensive fix is to purchase a piece of rubber foam with tape that fits over the bottom of the door and when closed prevents drafts from happening. Even a simple household towel to put under and up against the bottom of the door will help. You may need these same techniques at the top of the doors as well. You can install energy efficient doors, but this is often a bit expensive. So, when someone asks how to stop drafts in your house, you will have several ideas to help. Regardless of where your drafts are occurring, for comfort purposes and for saving valuable money, learning how to get rid of house drafts is vital.

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