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Tips Help You Learn How to Get Rid of Frogs

As a homeowner, you appreciate the natural beauty of your yard, but not necessarily the creatures that live there. You, like thousands of other homeowners, are interested in finding how to get rid of frogs in your yard. Finding frogs in ponds or pools in your yard can be disconcerting. There are several ways you can get rid of frogs. However, you might first want to think about how frogs in ponds or pools can help your environment. Thanks to these amphibians, you’re less likely to have problems with flies or mosquitoes, their favorite snacks.

But if you’re determined to know how to get rid of toads or frogs on your property, there are some steps you can take. The first thing you can do to repel frogs is to shut down their buffet. If you eliminate their food source, they’ll move on to another feeding location. To get rid of frogs, simply remove the habitat flies and mosquitoes prefer. You need to empty or cover water that is a good source of the stagnant water mosquitoes need to breed. This includes swimming pools, birdbaths, water features and fountains or any items in your yard that collect water after a rain. You can also turn to organic insecticides if you want to quickly eliminate the pests. These methods are recommended for people who want to know how to keep frogs out of pools.

If you have removed the water source and find that you still need help getting rid of frogs, you can turn to some less-traditional methods. Recommended for people who want to know how to keep frogs out of ponds or pools, frog barriers use fencing made of plastic or netting. Some people who are experts on how to get rid of frogs have also said that hot water is a great deterrent. Frogs consider heated water a sign of danger and will leave the area. Mixing hot water in the locations where frogs like to hang out at dusk can encourage them to leave.

Although toads and tree frogs are amphibians, they aren’t water aficionados. They hang out in gardens, under shrubbery, or in trees. These toads annoy people with their all-night singing. You can rid your yard of them humanely, however. Toads love light. It’s a good idea to turn off porch or security lights. They’ll also leave if you destroy their homes. Toads in particular choose to live in places where they can stay cool, moist and hidden during the day, such as log piles, grass clippings or weeds, or even your potted plants. When you find a toad making a home in one of these habitats, move him and then get rid of the habitat. You’ll find that any of these methods will help you effectively learn how to get rid of frogs.

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